We are sending sincere congratulations from the centre of Europe, from the amber shore of the Baltic sea, from our motherland Lithuania. We congratulate you on behalf of our capital Vilnius and our tiny town Zagare. We wish the participants of the project to find successful ideas and the joy of creation while developing the topic of the project. We hope everybody will to get acquainted with new friends.


Partners of the project in Lithuania – community of Zagare gymnasium




We are children from Lithuania. We are ten years old.

We live in a beautiful town Zagare. Now we are in the 4th form. We are very cheerbul children and we like performing, dancing, making jokes and playing active games. It would be a pleasure to meet you!


4th form and  teacher Nijole.


We are pupils of the 3rd form. There are 24 of us: Agota, Ema, Elvina, Eivina, Eva, Rima, Fausta, Gintare, Paulina, Rimante, Gabriele, Martyna, Zaneta, Karolis, Feliksas, Justas, Alvydas, Jonatanas, Egidijus, Edvardas, Dovydas, Mantas and 2 Lukas.  Daiva Navickaite is our teacher. We are nine years old. We admire painting, doing sports, singing and dancing.

We would like to make friends with other children who are nine years of age. Please, contact us by e.mail navicdaiva@gmail.com

We are looking forward to your letters.


3rd form and teacher Daiva.

Dear new friends,


  Hello. We're schoolchildren from Zagare, Lithuania. We're seven years old. There are fifteen of us in our class. Both our teacher Virginija and we are very cheerful, funny, friendly and curious as well.

  Zagare is a small town parts. We're also proud of our famous hill of Zvelgaitis, a lake and an old park.

  Please be our pan pals. we hope to hear from you soon. Our E-mail: vbriediene@gmail.com


All the best,

The 1st formers from Zagare



1st Form and teacher Virginija


  Best regards from the pupils of the 2nd form. There 14 of us: 6 girls and 8 boys. Austeja,  Samanta, Vanesa, Vilte, Samanta and Gintare love painting.   Gabrielius, Eimantas, Aironas, Henrikas, Jonas, Karolis, Laimonas and Dovydas like constructing castles. We admire playing, doing sports outdoors. We are trying to be friendly and to learn as weel as be can.


Pupils of the 2nd form and their teacher Elene Gurskiene





  We are schoolchildren of 2b form. There are 14 schoolchildren – 8 girls and 6 boys in our class. We like drawing, dancing, singing and doing different crafts. Also we love different kinds of sport, games and trips.


Schoolchildren of 2b form (Norvilienė)



We are a sixth grade students.. Our class of the same variety of
colors unfolds the different characters, different abilities,
interests section of the printed and elan children. Class of 10 girls
and 8 boys. 7 pupils attend sports school, 5 - School of Art.
 We like to watch movies on a picnic, to go to Lithuania and the
excursions to expand their horizons. We want your friends and be happy
to answer your letter. E-mail us astute3@gmail.com