About The Activities Of The Project

  1. A Project “VIEWAL: Vital Expressions of Water in Art and Landscape“ has been launched in Zagare gymnasium. The members of the group responsible for fulfillment of the project have met to discuss the objects and aims of the project, to foresee the activities to be organized. A detailed schedule of the activities to be carried out has been prepared in the meting. 


2.  Pupils of Zagare gymnasium are creating Logos for the project. We are trying to express and interpret the idea of the project through the variety of colours and images. Moreover, we are making an attempt to understand various European cultures, values and to show what we are proud of, what we feel, and what way of life we live.

3.  Spending much time outdoors we will get aware of nature, we will investigate it. We are going to transfer the most vital and essential details of landscape into our drawings and pictures. We are going to develop different topics inspired both by the harmony of water, landscape and mood and by the dialogue between hearing and sight.

We paint what we see every day, we paint the place we live, we paint the things which make us happy.

  Students of Zagare Gymnasium have collected data about Mikalojus Konstantinas Ciurlionis (1875 – 1911), a well known artist and musician. He is usually called a creator of beauty and goodness. M. K. Ciurlionis imprinted a significant trace into the Lithuanian culture. He deserved a name of a unique artist in the history of European art. Students have studied the great works of the artist and revealed many interesting aspects. Nature was the most essential source of inspiration for M. K. Ciurlionis. The aims of the artist while painting landscapes were not only to show the nature itself but to give it the philosophical meaning. 


According to the plan of the activities of the project students have got acquainted with the art of M. K. Ciurlionis, the type of expressions in his works, and colours. They have created reproductions of the artist’s works which are exhibited in the art class. 

According to the plan of the activities of the project students have been drawing the landscapes of Zagare. They have organized art exhibitions “Zagare Park – a muse of traditional and modern art”and “Zagare in the art works of students of Zagare gymnasium and Art school.”

Students of senior forms have become active participants of the project. They have investigated the landscape of Zagare, observed the changes init and taken photos. The exhibition “Zagare in the photographs of students” has been organized.