About M. K. Ciurlionis

   M. K. Ciurlionis created most of his paintings in the end of the 19th century. His creative legacy counts about 300 paintings and graphic works.

 People are attracted not just by mysterious content and influential views of his works but also by original artistic form. His paintings are related to European symbolism:  have the same ideas, motifs images.

 In his early works M. K. Ciurlionis often painted different natural objects similar to people or animals. But he avoided visual specification and mostly used abstract forms. He used to paint forest with mysterious flashing lights in the distance, sea, boats, fantastic gates, angels playing music…

 Natural surroundings played the specific role in the works of M. K. Ciurlionis. Many of his paintings were inspired by nature. His aim was not just to paint the landscape but also show its philosophical meaning.

M. K. Ciurlionis was not just a painter. He was also the world –renowned composer and choirmaster. Because of the variety of his talent his paintings are especially original. Certainly it is not painted music, but he was able to use a visual analog of music in his works.

 People usually are attracted and excited by his paintings as they are full of life desire and charm. Nature is described extremely diverse and rich. Just part of artist works may be called landscapes. The others are braid from a variety of natural elements and may be called a new artistic vision of reality created by the artist. Even if the artist describes a human he is described as a part of nature.

The elements of nature, clearly understoodthe rhythm features, deep colours , wavy lines create a musical atmosphere of harmony and impression of the dialogue between eyesight and listening.