3rd project meeting invitation
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Saturday 24th March 2012





11.30. T2 BARAJAS

Turkish team (3 teachers and 12 students)


11.50 T1 BARAJAS

English team (2 teachers)


15.00. Walk in Madrid (Turkish and English)


20.45 T4 BARAJAS



23.45. T1 BARAJAS

Lithuanian team (4 teachers and 3 students)


Spanish teachers will pick the guest up at Barajas airport:


Carmen: Turkish and English team


Natalia will acompany Turkish and English teams to go for a walk to Madrid


Ernesto: Kiyoe



Pilar G & Mercedes M

Sunday 25th March 2012



Trip to Aranjuez:


11.30. Visit to Aranjuez Royal Palace


12.30. Train Trip in Aranjuez and visit to Museo de Faluas


14.00. Lunch at "Rana Verde"


16.45. Boat trip on Tajo River


19.00. T4 Barajas 

French team (2 teachers)



Spanish teachers will guide the visit
Monday 26th March 2012



Project work at Ciudad de Columbia School:


9.00. Meeting at Holiday Inn lobby


9.35. Welcoming


9.45. School tour (2 groups: teachers and students)


10.30. Welcome Festival


11.30. Coffee


12.00. Project Workshops


13.30. Lunch at school library


15.00. Project Workshops & coordinators meeting


16.30. Tres Cantos tour for European students


17.00. Open Day Project Meeting 


18.30. Teachers dinner at school


19.00. Arrival of students at school




Loli & Natalia




Elena, Carmen, Conchita and some Spanish students


Pilar G & Natalia















Spanish families will take care of students and will show them Tres Cantos


Presentation of the project to the Educational Community

Tuesday 27th March 2012



Trip to Madrid:


9.30. Departure to Madrid


10.15. Arrival in Puerta del Sol


10.35. Plaza Mayor


10.50. Mercado de San Miguel


11.05. Plaza de la Villa


11.30. Almudena Cathedral


11.50. Madrid Royal Palace and gardens


12.00. Coffee


13.00. Departure of 6th graders to Tres Cantos.

Departure of European team and some Spanish teachers to Retiro Park


13.30. Visit to Retiro Park


14.30. Lunch


16.00. Departure to Santiago Bernabeu Stadium


16.30. Visit to Santiago Bernabeu Stadium


17.30. Departure to Sorolla Museum


18.00. Visit to Sorolla Museum


19.00. Departure to Tres Cantos


21.00. Teachers dinner at Francachela Restaurant in Tres Cantos




6th graders will guide the visit accompanied by some Spanish teachers:


Elena, Carmen, Pilar G, Natalia, Teresa and Gema












































Wednesday 28th March 2012



Project work at Ciudad de Columbia school:


9.00. Meeting at Holiday Inn Lobby


9.30. Project lessons for European students


Project Displays presentation


10.30. Project Meeting for coordinators


Project Workshops



11.30. Coffee


12.00. Badminton lessons for European students


Tres Cantos tour for teachers


13.15. Tapas at "La Insula del Comendador"


14.00. Lunch at school library


15.00. Infants water songs for European teachers and students


16.00. Awarding of Diplomas


16.30. Packing time & free time


19.00. Dinner (teachers and students) 


Thursday 29th March 2012





10.00. Meeting at Holiday Inn Lobby


10.15. Visit to Tres Cantos Market


11.20. Kiyoe's flight

T4 Barajas


12.00. Visit to Tres Cantos City Hall


13.00. Departure to the airport of all European guests


15.25. French team's flight

T4 Barajas


16.20. Lithuanian team's flight

T2 Barajas


16.55. Turkish team's flight

T1 Barajas


17.10. English team's flight

T1 Barajas