This second term we have continued working with water and different forms of art. That's why apart from those beautiful drawings about water sports that you can see below we prepared the activities for Carnival around that topic.


Students from Year 5 learnt about the role of water in famous Spanish poems and recited one, called "La canción del pirata" by Spanish writer José de Espronceda, at the Carnival Festival. 

On the other hand, students in Year 6 focused on the importance of water in the "Seventh Art" , in films like "Singing in the rain". They watched Gene Kelly's famous choreography and had great fun preparing their own dance for the Carnival Festival too!

Singing in the rain- Umbrella fill in the blanks
A listening activity with fill in the gaps
singin in the rain-umbrella lyrics.doc
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Singing in the rain - Umbrella by Glee
The song that we used in Carnival. To use it with the fill in the gaps activity.
Glee Umbrella Singing In The Rain - You
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Winner logo from Ciudad de Columbia

Our 6th graders prepared these beautiful logos for our Comenius Project. The guidelines were that all of them should deal with water and they could include the flags from the five Comenius Partners involved in the project. We hope you enjoy them!


Admiring some of the paintings.
Admiring some of the paintings.

In November we visited Sorolla's Museum in Madrid, as part of our activities within the Comenius Project. We were very excited because we had been studying Joaquín Sorolla's biography and paintings with our teachers in school before the visit, but they were even more impressive when we saw them hanging on the museum's walls. 

Elena, our Art teacher, had told us that we were going to work on some of the paintings in the following classes, so we listened attentively to the monitor's explanations about Sorolla's technique and what is most important in each painting. 

The next day we started making our own representations about four of his most famous "marinas" (paintings of the sea). Some of us used paint or watercolours to make our drawings; others used oil pastels. We wanted to show the effects of light in the water, and this is the result!


In year five we have been investigating about Sorolla following the school's guideline. Sorolla is the most important Spanish painter whose work is mainly based upon water because it shows the influence of light and colour found in the Mediterranean Sea.

In the Spanish class with teacher Pilar, the kids wrote Sorolla's biography and made a beautiful book which included all their ideas. Both the Spanish and English teachers took  the five graders  to the "Sorolla Museum".

The children also made their personal interpretations of Sorolla's paintings that we included in this video in their Art and Craft class with teacher Carmen.