In the partnership five schools from France, England, Lithuania, Spain and Turkey will participate in a LLP from September 2011 to September 2013.

Our project aims at sharing a vision of artistic and holistic education through water, art and landscapes.

In the preparatory visit the schools agreed to structure several activities based on water in art which includes paintings, painters and artists in diverse art fields, and landscapes from the different European countries.  We will focus on cultural and geographical aspects from each country using the latest technological resources to get better communication among the partners.

With this project we would like to share the ideas in our community. Address issues and share them with disadvantaged and special needs children in specific areas of the partners countries.

The participants will share plans, activities/work and results so that pupils and staff will achieve better knowledge of European diversity. They will become acquainted with their European partners and develop artistic skills.  Opportunities will be created for the use and  furtherment of communication skills and techniques.

We will organise project meetings to evaluate the programme. Teacher exchange visits will enable participants to observe other methodologies.

 The teaching of  pupils, pupils exchange visits for intercultural experiences and Comenius products and exhibitions are all central elements of the project.