Operational Objective of the Comenius Programme

1. To improve the quality and to increase the volume of mobility involving pupils and educational staff in different Member States (COM-OpObj-1)


2. To improve the quality and to increase the volume of partnerships between schools in different Member States, so as to involve at least 3 million pupils in joint educational activities during the period of the programme (COM OpObj-2)


3. To encourage the learning of modern foreign languages (COM-OpObj-3)


4. To support the development of innovative ICT-based content, services, pedagogies and practice for lifelong learning (COM-OpObj-4) 


5. To enhance the quality and European dimension of teacher training (COM-OpObj-5)


The project is to involve all children in art through a motivating and meaningful medium, allowing them to exchange experiences with children from different European countries and approaching them to different European cultures.



All the partners' countries have lots of artists who have been working on and with water so the exchange on that matter will be very enrichful for all the educational community.

Children will be in contact with other children of the same age from other European countries and they will share their experiences as regards the project. Moreover, they will have the opportunity of using English as the vehicular language and they will also approach other different languages such as French, Lithuanian, Spanish or Turkish.

Teachers and also students will have the opportunity to know personally other teachers and pupils and to exchange their experiencies during the mobilities.

ICTs will play a vital role on the project as a: mean of communication among partners and students; support to exchange experiences among the partners; tool to get, explode and exchange resources as regards the project.

Teacher will have the opportunity to improve their teaching skills and their knowledge through the exchange of experiences with other schools, through movilities and also through different training courses.

Concrete aims of the project

The concrete objectives of the partnership are the following:


1. To include explicitly a European dimension in our school plan by promoting our children's interest in other European art by getting to know significant artists, their techniques and their creativity relevant to every participating country.


2. To promote and enhance materials related to art and water among the participating European countries through cross-curricular activities.


3. To do research and learn about the different artistic manifestations produced by water which will be shared among the partners schools and beyond.


4. To contribute to a qualitative and quantitative improvement of the teaching staff competencies in relation to the intercultural dimension of education. Improve the quality of learning and increase the volume of mobility involving pupils, teachers and staff (and parents if relevant). 


5. To support the development of innovative ICT-based content for lifelong learning by involving each country to share the products and the results of their work with the local community and the media.