The subjects to be addressed are:


1. Literacy (biographies about painters, description about paintings and landscapes using both, the mother and the foreign language)


2. History (history of art)


3. Geography (characteristics of landscapes)


4. Music (how the water is used with music or represented in it)


5. Drama/dancing (festivals, stage performances and water dancing)


6. Arts and crafts (creative artistic techniques used in paintings and/or to paint, different materials and resources, architecture, paintings, mosaics, Land art, 3D presentation and sculptures)


7. ICT (power point presentations, e-mails, blogs, cds, dvds, videos, Internet, media, painting software for kids)


We intend to address children's creativity by motivating them and providing equal opportunities to their different abilities so they can discover and compare the similarities and differences in our art works. We would also provide an opportunity for the children coming from disadvantage backgrounds.